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Lazada Shopathon Blogger Contest: SESSION 2

I'm back for SESSION 2! Without wasting time, let's begin!

Select three of your favorite brands on Lazada and tell us why you love them. 

So there are my TOP 3 favourite brands on LAZADA and whenever I go to LAZADA, I'll never miss to visit their online shop. So the first one is :


I've been a true fans of Maybelline since forever! Whenever I go out and passing by Watsons/Guardians, I'll come in just to look at the Maybelline products, and believe me, I never leave empty handed! 

The reasons why I love Maybelline so much, is because all of their products is pigmented and non - drying formula! I apply the lipstick and it lasted for a day through meal after meal. It doesn't crack or peel either! Their foundation is also da bomb! It provides all the coverage I could want without everrrrr looking cakey at all! Now I think I can finally ditch my high - end foundation for good :) 

It's good actually that it is now available on Lazada. Im really happy and excited! So next time I can just go shopping at home. Lazada really makes my life better!


I have been very cautios whenever I wanna buy electronic gadgets like smartphones and laptops online. Most of them ended up getting damaged/fake things. But not in Lazada. 

Lazada has provide reviews and feedbacks from previous customers that have bought it so we can read it first before buying it. It also have refund system which is if the item is damaged/fake, you can return it to Lazada and they'll give you the original, brand new smarphones/laptops. 

I love Apple brands on Lazada because I can get to see the measurements and the reviews and feedbacks. Now, Im using another smartphones but now I want to change to Apple. It is not because I wanna look cool and so on, but it because of design and aesthetics of both hardware and software. This is why I'm  willing to pay a premium for it. Now official Apple store has available on Lazada, I can go window shopping as long as I want before buying it. 

3) JBL 

I spend quite a bit of my time reviewing expensive and high-end audio gear. Personally, I like nothing better than a real bargain. It’s incredible satisfying when I can recommend something that not only sounds good, but is really affordable too. My latest bargain comes from JBL brand. 

JBL has been one of America’s best-known audio equipment companies, providing loudspeakers, headphones and other listening devices to the public. With JBL,  I can listen to my  favorite music with great sound quality no matter where I am. I love JBL because it can connect to Apple and Android devices so I can use it with my phone or my friends phone without any trouble.  

I have 2 JBL speakers and now I'm finding another quality JBL speakers. Luckily, Lazada now has JBL official stores in their LazMall! So after this, I can just go to Lazada and shop as long as I want. Oh, don't worry, if I'm held a party, you guys are invited, that's a promise :p




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Why you ask? Because everything that in the SHOPATHON sale is 90% off! 

You can get CRAZY DEALS, and there is even RM 2 MILLION worth of vouchers you can grab! How good it is? So set your alarm, reminders and all and shop till you drop guys! Don't miss out this great deals okayyy :D

And for the bloggers, you can participate in their SHOPATHON BLOGGER CONTEST and who knows you can get up to RM600 vouchers! 

So don't miss the chance to become one of their lucky winners! Fingers crossed!

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